The Cognitive Brain (Bradford Books) неизвестно НАУКА и УЧЕБА


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НАУКА и УЧЕБА The Cognitive Brain (Bradford Books) неизвестно. Trehubs detailed and biologically plausible model of the cognitive brain covers functions such as learning, imagery, stereopsis, pattern recognition, scene assembly, analysis of spatial relations, object search, semantic processing, narrative comprehension, planning, and motivation. A diverse body of neurophysiological, psychological, and clinical findings is presented in support of the model, and a variety of computer simulation tests demonstrate its competence. It explains, in terms of specified neuronal mechanisms and systems, how the human brain does its cognitive work.Most current neurally-based models of human cognition focus on a single narrow domain, such as visual pattern recognition- The Cognitive Brain proposes a theoretical model of integrated mechanisms that can account for human cognitive competence on many basic tasks in visual-cognitive and lexical-semantic domains! The Cognitive Brain provides an original account of many aspects of cognition.

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