Lighting by Design 2nd Edition Christopher Cuttle


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Lighting by Design 2nd Edition Christopher Cuttle. Автор: Christopher CuttleНазвание:Lighting by Design 2nd EditionИздательство: Architectural PressГод:2008Формат:PDFРазмер:9 MbДля сайта: www.mirknig.comProvides guidance on where to find inspiration for lighting ideas, how to plan the technical detail and how to execute the plan to create safe end effective schemes. Considers lighting through the approach of observation, visualisation and realisation.Supersedes the 2003 edition.Contents:Part One: Observation 11 Visible characteristics of objects 31.1 Visual constancy and modes of appearance 41.2 Visible properties of materials 191.3 Object characteristics and perceived attributes 312 Visible characteristics of lighting 372.1 Ambient illumination 372.2 Visual discrimination 512.3 Illumination hierarchy 742.4 The ‘flow of light 802.5 The ‘sharpness of lighting 992.6 Luminous elements 1133 Measurable characteristics of lighting 1253.1 Illuminance-based measurements 1253.2 Luminance-based measurements 129Part Two: Visualization 1334 Envisioning the concept 1354.1 Seeing lighting clearly 1354.2 Allusion and illusion 1424.3 Lighting concepts 1555 Concept development 1615.1 Getting the picture 1615.2 The Design Features Report 165Part Three: Realization 1696 Delivering the lumens 1716.1 Indirect flux 1736.2 Flux distribution 1836.3 Direct flux 1956.4 The light field 2097 Getting the lighting you want 2237.1 Lighting specification 2237.2 Contractual agreements 226AppendicesA1 Technical concepts, terms and symbols 229A2 Terms and symbols used in the text 234A3 Summary of lighting concepts, design criteria, andassociated metrics 235A4 Summary of calculations 236References 240Further reading 242Index 245 .

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